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46 Tad goes to the theatre and is disappointed and we surprise our favorite guest of the podcast on the phone. There is also some discussion of coasters and Kenneth steels a joke.
45 The witApodcast funny edition. Tad is invited to be a guest on another podcast and Kenneth tries to sneak in a recipe. We might be on MPR. Just be funny. ready, go!
44 Kenneth and Tad make plans to pretend to be famous. They take another trip down the geek tunnel with Tad's review of Thor: The Dark World
43 Tad tells a classic story involving Megadeath. Kenneth got a new toy and Tad plays 20Qs to guess what it is. There is also some discussion of Up With People.
42 Tad reviews Ender's Game and Kenneth has completed the egg challenge. the CQD had bonus audio and everything.
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