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41 Kenneth and Tad talk the perils of distracted driving and though we like music we don't talk about it except when we do. Tad is accused of a setup and there is some science somewhere in there too.
40 In the big 40th episode extravaganza the boys look to the future and see season two on the horizon. New segments are introduced today including meanwhile in Russia.
39 The boys welcome back their second favorite guest ever to have visited the podcast and talk about how The Bobich is handling fatherhood.
38 A pivotal episode where we do not talk to our good friend Bobich. Both Kenneth and Tad get new identities and Tad issues Kenneth a new food challenge.
37 Diving into the hashtag buzz of the modern day. #theexperienceofyourlife #bestpodcast We dig through Tad's big box of CD's and Tad digs on public radio.
36 Underwater basket weaving part 2. Kenneth is still on the road and making the most of it. Cove quotes classic this week.
35 Out in the woods Kenneth finds himself recording the podcast without power. Unfortunately there is a lot of audio interference on this recording making it almost unlistenable.
34 Tad takes us on a journey to the great north woods where he plays more golf than a person should play and crashes a wedding. Kenneth shows off his mad skills.
33 Tad takes the movie review segment to a whole different place when he talks about the other people at the theatre and what happened there more than he talks about the movie. Kenneth manages expectations when the Cove quote of the day does not live up to the high bar set by last week.
32 A special podcast from the road. Kenneth is in a lighthouse and tells a story about an actual trip to the world outside of parenting. As usual Tad mocks him for this.
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